We met with the BC transplant team yesterday and it went very well. Renee and Gary hooked up with us over in Vancouver and came to the meetings too. From what the BC team can see, Joey looks like a good candidate for lung transplantation. Right on!

The doctor from the BC transplant team (who we met yesterday) is now going to write a summary letter about Joey and will send that, along with his test results, to the Toronto transplant team. They will then schedule a teleconference with us. Provided it goes well, the next time we hear from them will be to pack up and ship out. This should all happen in about a month or two.

Once we get to Toronto, Joey will have a few more tests to undergo before he is accepted onto their waiting list. We’re told it usually takes about a month for this to happen.

So there you have it. That’s the scoop for now. We’ll post again when we hear any news. In the mean time, we’re gonna keep on trucking: work, sleep, and watch “24” every other waking hour. That Jack Bauer is one crazy card!

Signing off until further notice,

Special agents Joey and Kirstin