We’re Getting Married!

Here are the details:

Location: Beacon Hill Park, beside the sundial (it’s close to the children’s waterpark/playground, across from the public toilets. Sounds romantic… but seriously, it is a beautiful (and convenient) spot).
Date: Friday, October 20th.
Time: 2 pm.

Everyone will be responsible for their own entertainment and dinner in between the ceremony and the reception. (Joey will need to pencil in a nap so that he can stay up and visit with everyone in the evening. It’s gonna be a looooong day!) Afterwards, we will be meeting to visit and have dessert at Royal Oak Golf Club at 7 pm (where our golf tournament was held in April).

K & J’s Wedding Rules and Regulations:

DON’T: Buy presents
The amount of support we have received from all of you in the past year has been more than enough. Plus, we are moving and it would be a shame to have to put a brand new 44″ plasma flat screen in storage for a year or two.

DON’T: Expect a lot
Everyone’s on their own for dinner. Between the ceremony and reception, we are going to snap some pictures and then go home for a while so that Joey can have a nap. We’ll meet everyone for dessert/appys around 7 at Royal Oak.

DON’T: Give us your input
Thanks for the thought, but this is not your typical wedding (obviously). We are basically running away and eloping, except that Joey needs a lung transplant, so we can only make it as far as Beacon Hill Park. If you want to come and watch, we welcome your presence, just don’t try and give us any advice. The suggestion window is CLOSED. This includes all of you who are close enough to us to think “They couldn’t possibly be talking about me! I’ve got a great idea”. Yes, we are even talking about you!

DO: Come prepared
If it looks like it’s going to rain, bring an umbrella. If you want to sit down, bring a seat. Normal weddings take planning. We are going to plan very little because, let’s face it, this event ranks fairly low on the list of things we are worried about/have to plan for.

DO: Attend if we know and love you
Consider this your official invite. We don’t have the time or desire to send out invitations, but if you’re a friend or family member who wants to see us before we move, come on out. We’d love to visit!

Can we get a “Whit”ness!
Here’s a hilarious little side note. We are going to be holding a putting contest at the putting green in the park at 1:00 pm to decide who will sign as Joey’s witness. He loves everyone so much that he just couldn’t decide on his own! So if you are 19 years of age or older, come out a little early for some extra fun! Contest has to be wrapped up by 1:30 so that we can make our way across the park to where the ceremony is going to happen, so if you want to enter, make sure you’re on time.

We’re very excited to see you all very soon!

Joey and Kirstin

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    Humor is always based on a modicum of truth Have you ever heard a joke about a father-in-law? — Dick Clark

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