We came, we saw, we left.

It appears that the testing in Toronto went okay. We got good vibes, but will not really know anything until the Toronto transplant team meets to discuss Joey’s case, which they should be doing in early December. We are told that we should hear whether or not Joey will be accepted onto the list sometime in the first week of December. Fingers crossed.

With the rest of our time we went apartment hunting. We are 90% sure that we’ve found somewhere. Hopefully we will be receiving confirmation about that soon as well.

So, we didn’t really get to see the city yet, except for the inside of St. Michael’s and Toronto General Hospital, which, by the way, is like a mall. Seriously. Like, better than the Powell River mall (sorry to our fellow Powell Riverites, but it’s true). This place had 2 Timmy Ho’s, a candy shop, a Starbucks, another random coffee joint, and a foodcourt with sushi, pizza, subway, etc. Looks like we know where we’ll be doing our Christmas shopping!

I guess that’s it for now. We’ll post again when we find out what the verdict is.

K & J