On the mend… hopefully

Well, the cold is gone, but the chest infection remains. Joey started oral antibiotics to try and clear up the after effects of his cold. He seems to be getting better, but is still quite short of breath and is coughing up more stuff than usual (a gruesome picture for most of you, I’m sure, but the hardcore CF community can participate in talks about mucous for quite a while…ug). The oral antibiotics seem to be improving his chest infection, so hopefully this will continue and he won’t have to go into hospital to get them intravenously. We’ll keep you posted.

Happy belated Valentine’s to all you love birds out there!

K & J


And we… had… the time of our lives…(sung in slow drawl with mental image of Patrick Swayze dancing).

Well, not a whole lot has been happening until the last week. Synopsis of last month: Joey started physio and we are full on into our new routine.

Synopsis of last week: it was Joey’s birthday February 1st. Sadly, his prediction of new lungs was wrongo and we are still waiting. Happily, a bunch of his family showed up to surprise him (and me) for his birthday. We had a houseful and a blast. (Let’s just say we’ve done more sightseeing in the last week than we have in the entire time since we’ve been here). Unfortunately, Joey caught a cold the day after everybody left and is still recovering. Our fingers are crossed that he gets over it quickly and that he doesn’t get the call until he is better and can actually accept the lungs.

Meanwhile, we have Jillybean Maysmith here for a visit until Sunday. Her and I have been out sightseeing while the little (in girth only) man has been at home chillaxing. We were able to drag him up the CN tower last night to see the big city in the daylight and have a very early dinner. (Whipped butter was not available at the restaurant, but a good time was still had by all).

So that’s the news from the Toronto contingent for now. Kennedy/Whitford… out!

K & J