As Good As It Gets

It seems as though the chest infection is basically gone now. Unfortunately, Joey’s breathing is a bit worse than before. When infections move into the chests of people with CF (which is common when they catch colds), their lungs are permanently scarred. But Joey’s still back at physio, working his tail off. The boy is a tough cookie (or should I say, “impenetrable fortress of steel”. That sounds tougher than “cookie”).

Apart from that, what have we been doing? Went to an ice sculpting competition last weekend and are enjoying the novelty of living in a place where it snows regularly. Observed my first freezing rain storm on Thursday (we stayed indoors for that one). Some of us were more amazed (me and I’m serious here: the cats… they were weirded out too) than others (namely Joey, who found it all a bit hum-drum). And tonight we’re heading over to a friend’s place to watch the hockey game and eat some dinner (can you believe it? We’ve actually made a couple of new friends living here… and I’m starting to enjoy hockey. Bryan McCabe converted me, I guess).

That’s all folks!

J-dawg and K-squared