Ring the (False) Alarm

Had our first false alarm last night. The phone rang at 1:00 a.m. telling us to go to the hospital because they might have lungs. After waiting for several hours it turned out to be a no go. We’re not sure of the exact reason; apparently false alarms are fairly common. So that was a bit of a roller coaster, but we stayed surprisingly calm. Slept for approximately 1 hour last night and are on our way to bed soon.

Feeling disappointed, but we realize that if there was something wrong with the lungs it is best to avoid taking on a whole other set of problems. Hey, at least they know our phone number!

Kirstin and Joey

Interesting side note: on our way home, we popped into Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant and met both Wayne and his dad Walter. Wayne was nice enough to sign a baseball cap that will be auctioned off at the golf tournament in Clearwater in August. (Proceeds will go to help fund our stay in Toronto). FYI: Walter Gretzky is super nice and took quite the shining to Mackenzie.

Bursting with Pride

Well, from what we hear Saturday’s garage sale was both a success and a good time. Thank you so much to Brandy and Bruce for putting it on and to everyone who stopped by to donate or lend a hand. We really appreciate it!

We’ve been having a fun weekend. As you know, Mackenzie and Kelvin are here for a visit right now. Went to our first Pride parade yesterday; it was amazing! (Both the fact that none of us had ever been to one before and some of the costumes. Also that it ran for 2 hours…Mack is one patient child). Apart from that we’ve been to a children’s play (let me assure you, the costumes weren’t nearly as elaborate as the ones in the parade). When I saw one of the characters wearing a strand of Christmas lights as part of his ensemble I smirked, when I noticed the electrical cord trailing out of the back of his shirt I had to fight off a laugh, and when he walked forward to reveal the extension cord (complete with plug ins), I closed my eyes and shook silently. It wasn’t quite how it looked on the internet, to put it mildly, but Mackenzie liked it and we had a good time, so that’s all that matters.

Tory and Karen are supposed to arrive in a few hours as well. Should be busy, but there will be no shortage of fun for the rest of the week!

K & J

img_3440.jpg img_3538.jpg

This just in

2 postings in 1 day; my, my, how exciting! For those of you who live in Victoria, we wanted to let you know that our friend Brandy is having a garage sale this Saturday, June 23rd, starting at 8 am. All proceeds from the sale will be split between helping to fund our wait in Toronto and the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, which funds research and other important services for people with CF. The sale will be held at 2310 Fernwood Road (just south of Bay Street at Denman).

How you can help:

  1. Donate stuff. Brandy will take whatever you’ve got. Please call her at (250) 382-6243, or email her at brandyj.patterson@gmail.com to arrange drop off.
  2. Tell everyone you know to stop by the sale at 2310 Fernwood Road (at Fernwood and Denman starting at 8 am).
  3. Bake or buy. She’s going to try and raise some extra money by selling hot dogs and baked goods. If you can bake a treat or two, let her know and if you have some old coffee mugs to donate, she’ll take them as well. (Free mug with every coffee purchase!)

So there you have it. The perfect way to start off your Saturday morning! Hope all you Victorians have fun at the sale!

Kirstin and Joey

We’re “Average”

Today we enter a new realm of waiting. We have officially entered the “average” range for waiting for Joey’s transplant (in Toronto, the average waiting time for lung transplants is 6-9 months. This is for both single and double lung transplants though). Joey has been on the waiting list for 6 months today.

To celebrate, we’re going grocery shopping (the excitement never stops). Our refrigerator is in pretty dire straits; time to fix that.

Rebecca came out for a visit and left yesterday. We had a busy few days. Went to the Toronto Zoo and saw lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! Mack and Kelvin are arriving on Friday and staying for a week. I wonder what kind of excitement awaits…

K & J


Ward’s Island

Hey all,

Things are still holding steady. Went on a little adventure today to Ward’s Island (one of the Toronto islands). Only a 10 minute ferry ride away. Never thought I’d say that we miss ferries, but there you have it. Strange to be on one that isn’t enveloped by the smell of salt water.

Any-hoo, the island was really nice and green and quiet. Not very populated. Seems like that’s as close to home as we’re going to get for a while.

J & K


Woo-woo! The Company Train is Pulling into the Station

Sounds like we’re going to be having a fairly busy summer. Yippee! Quite a few people have been booking flights to see us over the next couple of months. That should help to make the time pass. Over the winter we forgot what it was like to have friends. Hm. I wonder why nobody wants to come to Toronto in the wintertime…

The visit with sister Sarah was eventful. What started as a lazy week quickly morphed into activity central. Highlights included catching a Blue Jay’s game and posing as employees of a magazine to see the inner workings of a famous restaurant’s kitchen at the behest of our beloved uncle, who paid us a surprise visit. This was NOT my idea, but was amusing nonetheless. I can’t believe that worked; to say that 3 of the 4 of us were looking a little less than professional is an understatement.

More when something interesting happens…

Kirstin and Joey