Busy Bees

Well, well, it’s been a while since our last update. Lots of stuff has been going on…

We were back in Toronto in early May for Joey’s 9 month assessment. Things checked out okay and it was neat to be back on our old stomping grounds.

Upon our arrival back in BC, we’ve been unpacking (ongoing) from our most recent move and are slowly getting set up. I started my practicum (the last thing I need to do to graduate from the social work program) and Joey started working out at the golf club. So far things are going well for him, he’s really been taking advantage of his new lungs.

What else, what else…Joey’s joined a baseball team for the summer and is really enjoying it. So between that, work, golfing, and planning for the golf tournament, he’s been burning the candle at both ends. Hopefully he’s able to find a balance soon so he doesn’t get too run down. Must be pretty tough to do that when you haven’t been able to do all of the stuff you love for years.

We’re still working on catching up with everyone. So if we haven’t managed to connect with you yet, hopefully we’ll be able to see you at some point over the summer. It just seems like we’ve been on the go constantly since we’ve been back (still seems to be the case) and we’re pretty darn tired. I had no idea we were so popular!

Hope things are chill with everyone who’s still checking this site. See you soon hopefully!

Kirstin and Joey