More Biopsy Results

So here’s the story with the biopsy: everything looks completely normal. Hmm. The docs weren’t really sure what to make of that, but Joey’s liver enzymes are going down and he seems to be doing well, so that’s the important thing.

Here’s what pseudo Drs. Kennedy and Whitford make of it: we think it was a side effect of his Ganciclovir (the IV anti-viral med). Apparently liver dysfunction is a really rare side effect of this medication. To us, the timing seems coincidental. They started going up more when he started taking the med and started coming down as soon as the med was reduced. And really, it wouldn’t be the first time that Joey’s in the 1% of the population that has the weird side effect of a drug. Any man who can grow breasts as a side effect of Wellbutrin knows that this is possible. (Maybe he’ll start doing his own posts after reading this one. But then again, I thought the Dirty Dancing post last Christmas would have been enough to humiliate him into it. Ah well, dare to dream).

So now the PICC line is out – no more IV meds. On Monday he starts taking Valganciclovir orally for two and a half months to stop the CMV from coming back. Fun, fun!

 K & J

Fortress of Steel

Biopsy happened this morning. Assuming it will take a while before the results come in (it usually takes a while for things to grow in the lab).

Apparently the person sticking him told Joey that she’d never seen anyone tolerate the pain so well. That’s my little fortress of steel. I guess after you’ve had your chest opened up like a car hood twice, a couple of needles don’t seem like such a huge deal. Or maybe he was just still in a good mood because he got to go golfing the day before.



The word is a biopsy is necessary to find out what’s going on with Joey’s liver. So that should be scheduled for next week. BUT, his enzymes were down a bit today (still about 7 times higher than what they should be, but hey. Small victories, small victories).

K & J

You Still Got CMV? (Yeah, You Know Me)

Enzymes are still on the rise and although there is no definitive answer yet, we are supposed to meet with the G.I. later this week. (Unless things turn emergent before that. Gotta love feeling like you’re on call again).

 Right now the increase is being blamed on the CMV, so hopefully things will improve in the next couple of weeks. But if it was CMV you’d think that at least they wouldn’t still be increasing…makes me nervous.

In the meantime hit the wall hard when we came home today. Had a pretty hard core nap. (The kind where your brain hurts when you wake up and you don’t know what time of day it is. Joey’s still going. More power to him).

Sleepy in Seattle

Liver Enzymes

Stuff is still going on with Joey’s liver. The one enzyme that was still high last week has increased even more and a couple of other ones have as well. Apparently the G.I. (stomach doc) wants to do some more investigating at some point next week; not sure what the entails yet.

Joey is still feeling good, but that could be because his immunosuppressants are tricking his body into believing that he is feeling good. This post-transplant body is weird and will obviously take some more getting used to. In the meantime, he’s playing in a baseball tournament today.

Golf tournie went well. We’re estimating that we managed to rake in $6000, but that is a very rough guess. It will take a while to get the bill settled and have the real number. Go Powell River!

K & J