So, you may have noticed that Joey is yellow. His liver is acting up right now (yet another common CF problem), so he hasn’t been feeling well lately. In order to facilitate clear communication about what’s going on, I’m reviving the online updates.

Not sure what the plan is at this point; will likely be yet another ERCP (go down his throat and scoop out the gall stones that his liver seems to be producing with an alarming frequency). No date is set for the procedure yet; will probably be in the next week or two. Until that is done, it is extremely unlikely that he will be feeling better. Symptoms include: jaundice (yellow skin and eyes), stomach pain, extreme chills, sleeplessness or overtiredness, major acid reflux, loss of appetite and lately unbearable itchiness (we’re talking ants in the pants can’t keep still itchiness here). Vomiting usually accompanies this too, but since he was discharged from hospital last time, he’s been lucky enough to avoid it…so far.

If anything changes, I will update the site. Otherwise, just assume that things are the same as when I wrote this post.

Hope everyone else is doing better than we are. Peace.

K & J

One thought on “Banana-rama

  1. Koren September 25, 2009 / 10:19 pm

    Shitty. Thanks for reviving the site. I will be sure to check often.

    I miss you guys, and hope J-Dawg gets better soon.


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