Hilarious Body Modification

The ERCP came and went this afternoon. No stones or sludge this time. A couple of stints to help with drainage have been inserted. These haven’t really helped the problem in the past, but our fingers are crossed they will help now. But they probably won’t.

Apparently, the reason Joey is still having livery symptoms indicates infection and more widespread liver disease. He is on antibiotics for the infection. As for the liver disease, that’s why he’s being assessed for transplant. We hope that they can start booking the assessment appointments in March so that he can be listed for transplant shortly afterwards.

Hopefully we can head back to PR in the morn. Tonight we’re going to chill with a friend. Do a little laundry, eat a little dinner, play a little cards.

On a hilarious side note, it turns out that Joey basically will have a giant “J” carved into his chest/stomach. We learned today that the scar for liver transplants are in the shape of a big hockey stick. So couple that with the horizontal one from his lung transplant and you have some hilarious body modification.

Have a good weekend!

Kirstin and Joey

Liver Transplant

Talked to the liver doc today; he agrees that it is time to start looking at a liver transplant. He started filling out the paperwork today. In about two months we should get a package in the mail which details what tests Joey needs to do to see if he qualifies to be listed for transplant. If he does qualify (which he should), we start waiting again. And here we are.

Joey pointed out that after he gets this operation, he will have scars in the shape of a giant “T” on his chest and abdomen. He was thinking about trying to talk the doctors into doing one little extra slice to turn the scar into a “J”. Somehow I don’t think they’ll go for that.

I am going on a walk around the city to chill out. Mr. T is going to have a nap.

Peace out.

K & J

Happy Tuesday!

It’s not just from them poking around in there; he needs another ERCP. The plan is for this to happen on Friday. All right! Another IV! (I am trying the tactic of adding the exclamation points to undesirable news in the hopes it will make it appear positive). At this point, he should be getting close to breaking 50 ERCPs over his life! What a hero.

Enough with the cynicism for now. Happy Tuesday!

K & J

Sinus Doc

Sinus doc went okay today. Still no firm date for the surgery; should be sometime between March and May.

Went to Clearwater for the weekend to do some visiting. It was fun, but we’re pretty tired, so we’re just chillaxing tonight. Also, Joey seems to be more yellow post-ERCP than he was before. Not quite sure what is up with that, so he went for some blood work today and we’re hoping to get more info on that tomorrow. Maybe it’s just from them poking around in there? Who knows.

That’s the score for now.

K & J

We Miss Janeen

We have been having a horrible time lately, to say the least. Joey’s sister Janeen passed away suddenly on the January 15th. The whole family misses her very much. We are also grateful for all of the support we have received during this extremely difficult time. I don’t know what else to say about it. We are stunned; we are devastated.

Joey is so-so health wise. Went in for another ERCP yesterday to have some more stones scooped from his liver and is heading back into the sinus doc on Monday. And so it goes.

That’s it for now. Apologies for not posting sooner; was trying to find the words. That’s the best I can do.

K & J


Hello out there,

Good news! Our friend Ryan Bentson and his family have finally made it to Toronto. He received his pager today and is now on the transplant list. Our fingers are crossed that he gets his call soon. (Ryan is our friend who we are donating last year’s proceeds from Chad’s golf tournament to). For those of you who want to help, donations are still very much appreciated. Ryan’s new address is:

  • #901  77 Gerrard Street West
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • M5G 2A1

Not sure what’s up with the bullets, but you get the idea.

On a related note, I spoke with one of our good friends from Toronto yesterday. It’s been quite a while since we talked and she was out of the loop on what’s been going on with Joey’s liver. Hers was definitely the funniest reaction I’ve received when I said that it looks like things are heading towards Joey needing a transplant (reminder: this is not happening just yet). She got quite excited and asked if we would be moving back to Toronto soon. She then quickly followed this up by informing me that her new boyfriend was just a touch too short to be an eligible donor. Yes, we are demented.  

In response to the whole us going back to Toronto, we haven’t thoroughly investigated that yet, but I assume we would be staying in BC this time. Sorry Ontario, your loss! 

And on that note…K & J out!