He Can Rest When I’m Dead

We actually had a good weekend. Yeah! No emergencies and it was sunny. Joey felt good enough to golf for the first time since August (with the exception of the Vegas trip) and we got in some Q.T. with friends. That said, he is excited for me to go back to work tomorrow because I make him “do too much shit” on the weekends. “Look! It’s 11:15 and I’m already dressed, showered, and on my way to do something. This sucks!” He can rest when I’m dead. And from Monday – Thursday between 9am and 5pm.

K & J

Chad’s Tournie

Yo yo,

Let it be known that this year’s golf tournie will be on Saturday, May 8th at Myrtle Point golf club in Powell River. It is a 2 pm shotgun start; registration begins at 12:30. This year’s tournie will be 9 holes and as always, you don’t need to know how to golf to play, just how to have a good time (the format is Texas Scramble). Of course there will be a dinner and banquet to follow.

Proceeds from this year’s event will be split between our friend Ryan Bentson, who is currently in Toronto waiting for his new lungs and…us. It will help us with all of the medical expenses we have been incurring with everything that’s been going on: trips to Vancouver to get Joey’s liver assessed; and for after his transplant, when we will have move to Vancouver for a few months. Here we go again. Hur-freakin’-ray.

That said, we know it will be a fun event as always. More details to follow, but for now, save the date!

K & J

Back Home

We’ve been back home for a few days and it seems to be sticking. Joey is in much less pain than he was while he was waiting for his ERCP. That said, he still has pain pretty much every day, in addition to his chronic pain. This comes from various sources: liver, bowel, and headaches with a variety of causes. He is doing so-so and will not get better (as in for real better) until he has the sinus surgery he needs (hopefully this will only leave him with his migraines and liver-caused headaches) and until he has a liver transplant. He is not listed for transplant yet; we hope that the assessment tests can be done by April, but we are still waiting to hear about dates.

Speaking of dates, we had a great double with Richard and Caroline on Saturday night. Went to Yuk Yuk’s and all three of the comedians were actually funny. It was so nice to get out and do something semi-normal. We miss semi-normal. But home and as-normal-as-we-can-be-for-now is pretty good too.

Kirstin and Joey

Sugar Packets

So this is what I have been reduced to: writing medical information on the backs of the sugar packets that come with “meal” trays because I can’t get it together to remember a piece of paper for when the doctor comes in to talk to us. The stints were both pulled and some sludge has been removed. No more stints were put in; it seems that they caused more problems than they solved and given the state of Joey’s liver, would continue to do so if they were reinserted. So out they will stay.

The doc said that if Joey gets more pain it is likely intrahepatic. Basically, what this means in normal-people language is that he needs a liver transplant. No surprises there.

He is reluctant to do more ERCPs, both because he figures that they won’t actaully solve anything if there are no blockages and because they can actually lead to infection (foreign objects inserted into someone who’s immunosurpressed – not good).

So what if Joey gets pain again? His first move would be to check for abcesses in the liver and then drain them if they are present. Can’t wait.

The plan right now is for Joey to be sprung today. He is in less pain than he’s been for the past week and he actually has an appetite! I am out forraging for food as we speak. (For some reason the cold, soggy waffles that came on his breakfast tray did not appeal to him. What a picky SOB). Hope everyone’s enjoying their Saturday brunch!


Sleeping at the hospital…at least the walls aren’t dusty rose

Greetings all,

Another ERCP was done this afternoon. We haven’t got a chance to talk to the doctors yet, but from what I hear the stints were removed. Can’t really tell if Joey’s pain is reduced yet though – he’s still pretty doped up.

Sleeping at the hospital tonight; hoping to catch the docs during morning rounds. Richard is in Vancouver right now, so we might be in for a good time tomorrow. Maybe he’ll cut down a tree in the heart of the city and we can have a fire pit beside the hospital. You never know. (By the way, I am completely serious).

And on that note, I’m heading upstairs to go to bed. More news when there is news.


Another Day, Another Hospital

Heading back to Van. Sigh. Joey needs another ERCP tomorrow. So we’re planted in Gibsons for the night and are catching the first boat over to the city to go and wait in emergency. Another day, another hospital. Hopefully they will be able to get him in and get it done quickly.

Not really sure why he needs another one so soon. Maybe the stints? Maybe something else; we don’t really know. Will post after the ERCP when we have more news.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the dusty rose curtains and pond-scum green walls of the motel we are in. Classy.

K & J