Sugar Packets

So this is what I have been reduced to: writing medical information on the backs of the sugar packets that come with “meal” trays because I can’t get it together to remember a piece of paper for when the doctor comes in to talk to us. The stints were both pulled and some sludge has been removed. No more stints were put in; it seems that they caused more problems than they solved and given the state of Joey’s liver, would continue to do so if they were reinserted. So out they will stay.

The doc said that if Joey gets more pain it is likely intrahepatic. Basically, what this means in normal-people language is that he needs a liver transplant. No surprises there.

He is reluctant to do more ERCPs, both because he figures that they won’t actaully solve anything if there are no blockages and because they can actually lead to infection (foreign objects inserted into someone who’s immunosurpressed – not good).

So what if Joey gets pain again? His first move would be to check for abcesses in the liver and then drain them if they are present. Can’t wait.

The plan right now is for Joey to be sprung today. He is in less pain than he’s been for the past week and he actually has an appetite! I am out forraging for food as we speak. (For some reason the cold, soggy waffles that came on his breakfast tray did not appeal to him. What a picky SOB). Hope everyone’s enjoying their Saturday brunch!