CF Honey

The ‘pons are gones. As are the additional blood clots that were making themselves at home up there. Good news: Joey’s going to be a “CF Honey”. Months ago, we saw a list in the sinus doc’s office of “CF Honeys”. While initially, Joey and I had pictured him in a red polka dot bikini tossing around a beach ball, apparently, that is not the true meaning of the term. It seems that honey is particularly beneficial with CF sinuses. So I guess my honey will be snorting honey as part of his new sinus care regime. Fun, fun.

No difference in pain control yet, but we expected that as they usually start by low-balling their estimate and then working up from there. The crummy thing is that dosages can only be readjusted every 3-5 days, so hopefully it will be re-examined tomorrow. After that it will be another 3-5 days before he notices a difference (or not) at the new dose and it can be adjusted accordingly.  


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