Tequila Tastes Worse

Things are pretty much the same, except Joey has been more tired lately. He still came over for dinner last night though “because I’m mean”. Too bad toots. Air and proper nutrition are good for you. The tiredness is likely the result of a number of factors (blood loss during surgery, low iron, new and increased pain meds). He is currently getting an IV iron infusion which will hopefully help. Time will tell.

Pain med has been stable for the last few days, but they are trying a new way of administering it to see if we can get around the whole absorption issue. Lucky guy, gets to hold gross tasting liquid under his tongue for 2-3 minutes when he takes his long acting pain killer now. Not the hugest fan of doing this, but he is willing. Joey analogy: “tequila tastes worse and I used to do that willingly”. Way to suck it up, princess!

So that’s what the afternoon has in store. IV iron, gross meds, and possibly some Thai food (thanks Pam!)

K & J