Cardio Kicking My Ass

Things are ticking along…we think. Had a bit of a better day today pain wise. Hopefully the new dose/administration route is working. Either way we still have a ways to go, but our fingers are crossed that today was progress and not just a fluke.

Had a kick ass surprise the other night: sister Nikki popped in to say hi from the Kelowna crew. How much fun is that? We were very happy to see her smiling face…even if it was only for 45 minutes. Hey, some time is better than none.

Other than that things are pretty hum drum. Joey is managing an outing every day or two (usually pretty low key because he’s still very tired. The golf was a fun and much-needed anomaly). Kimberly cut me some bangs a few nights ago and we went to cardio kickboxing sans spouses last night. So much fun. Although my body is cardio kickboxing my ass tonight in retribution. It was still worth it!

K & J

One thought on “Cardio Kicking My Ass

  1. Kimberly Burge June 27, 2010 / 8:21 am

    “Let’s do the washing machine!!!”
    “Now take it down to the sewing machine!”
    “Turn it out like a ballerina!!!!”
    “Now you are a marrionet!!!”
    “Holy doodle LOOK AT ME SWEAT!!!!!”

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