You Go Mountain Park!

Today was an exciting mail day. Hurray!

We received a package from Miss. Hunt’s grade 7 classes at Mountain Park Middle school and Joey’s room looks awesome now. It was a huge boost that couldn’t have come at a better time. Joey was having a sad day, but is feeling quite cheerful now. How could you not when your room looks like this:

Looks like Mountain Park students agree: Cystic Fibrosis does suck! Thank you everyone so much for the cards. We think it’s great that so many of you want to be organ donors and donate money to CF when you turn 18. Joey and I really appreciate all of the well wishes and we hope he gets a new liver as well. We hope he doesn’t have to stay in the hospital much longer either.

Brenna, we are sorry to hear that you are waiting to get a new kidney. We hope that you are able to find a donor and your transplant goes well. You must be one tough cookie – just like Joey!

We also really liked the note that read: “Dear staff get better food!!!” We couldn’t agree more. Seriously. One of Joey’s nurses told us the other day that sometimes when there are extra food trays, they will dare each other to take a bite of the meals. She said that the worst one she had ever tried was the tofu chow mein (pictured below):

That’s supposed to be strawberry pudding on the side, in case you’re wondering. Here are a few more examples to illustrate what we’re talking about. Some type of mysterious chicken dish:

“Creamy coleslaw”:

“Roasted potatoes”:

Hello quality control! Those seem a little past “roasted”. Note the congealed gravy in the lower right corner.

Oh there’s more. Check out the “Baked Herb Fish”. VGH version:

Side profile:

St. Paul’s version:

Who loves cylindrical meat topped with brown mound?

And finally, my personal fav – the breakfast special. “Stewed poo”. Ooops! I mean prunes.

You see how I could become easily confused.

Joey said he loves Miss. Hunt’s classes! You guys are so great at cheering him up: both now and when he wasn’t feeling well in Toronto. Thanks for being so wonderful. We hope you have a great summer!

Kirstin and Joey

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  1. Renee Rose June 26, 2010 / 4:42 pm

    Nice do Kirstin, yours looked okay too Joe:)

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