Home on the Range

Just a little note to let ya’ll know that we’re still kicking. Have been laying low for the past few days…pretty darn tired, especially Joey, who still needs a couple of naps a day. That said, we are very much enjoying our time around the home front.

The pump is working out all right, although it is taking some getting used to (i.e. getting tubing tangled up in pillows and mastering the challenges of changing your shirt around it). That said, it’s nothing the J-man can’t handle.

Thank you so much to all of the health care staff who looked after him and made it possible for Joey to come home. Also, thank you once again to everyone in our extended support network for your help over the last few months…or should I say years? We appreciate it soooooo much.


K & J

Fannies of the J-man

Today was busy. Had quite a few visitors to welcome us back. We also got trained on how to use Joey’s pump (Kimberly too. Now that’s what I call efficient visiting!) There are still a few more details that need to be worked out before he can come home for real, but we’re happy that steps are being taken in that direction. Here’s hoping he’s discharged soon.

We also managed to sneak out for a few minutes to attend a retirement party for Marilyn Carey, who has been a very special mentor to me. I am going to miss working with her a lot. While we were at Marilyn’s party, we heard a rumor that the gang at Youth & Family had hoped to meet us at the airport all dressed in fanny packs as a show of solidarity. Too bad we had no idea when Joey was going to be transferred back to PR. You know your co-workers are awesome when…

K & J

PS The mental image is almost as good as the real thing. Thanks guys!


Finally made it back to PR today. Woo hoo! Or should I say: WOOOOO HOOOOO! (I think the second one is the ticket).

Joey is currently napping at the hospital. I am currently racing around trying to piece together random stuff that he might need for this leg of his stay. This is particularly challenging when you haven’t been living at home for 3 1/2 months and have little to no idea where any of your stuff is. (Portable DVD player where are you? I have your remote, but you have mysteriously vanished).

Yeah for Powell River. One step closer to coming home for real.

K & J

Homeward Bound…Sort of

Things are ticking along. At this point, it looks like the docs here will request a bed in Powell River hospital early next week. After one opens up, Joey will be transferred back to Powell River, where he will hopefully only need to stay in hospital for a short time before he is allowed to go home for real. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

K & J

By the way people of Powell River: no pressure, but his majesty expects a parade.