Sushi and Hot Chocolate: A Losing Combination

Met with the liver surgeon today; no groundbreaking news yet. With any luck that will come at the end of this week or early next week, but the surgeon seemed caring enough. As far as we know, we have now finished all of the talks we need to have and Joey has completed all of the required tests. Now it’s up to the team to talk things over and decide whether they will transplant him.

The rest of our time in Vancouver was good. Spent the majority of the weekend watching Joey nap. (Can you still call it a nap if you are asleep for most of the day? Joey says yes!) Managed to do a little more visiting. Discovered today that sushi and hot chocolate are a repulsive combination for a second tasting (I’ll take his word for it on that one). Met with the surgeon immediately after this revelation, came back to PR, said happy birthday to my momma, went home, and passed out (realize that this hasn’t actually happened yet, but am anticipating its occurrence the instant we shut off the computer).

We love our own bed. It is good to be home. Novelty still hasn’t worn off.

K & J