2 Out Of 4 Ain’t Bad

I am a lazy blogger. I learned it from my cat. Truth be told, I am a really lazy blogger. I stole those lines from my friend’s blog.

Things have been going okay in the greater scheme. We haven’t heard any new news on the donor front lately. As far as we know, one of our three potential donors has his tests booked for the week after Christmas, one is waiting to see whether the tests she has done are clear enough for the transplant team to use or if she has to have them redone, and we’re not quite sure what is going on with the other potential donor at this point; we’re waiting to hear where things are at with him.

In health news, Joey has not had the best week. That said, things have been worse. The day after he was discharged from hospital, we thought he might have to go back in because he had a really high fever. Luckily, we were able to treat it at home and he could remain a free man. This enabled us to go to Victoria to celebrate my sister’s graduation from the environment science program at Royal Roads:

Way to go big sissy!

This also enabled us to see some (but sadly, not all) of our friends from Victoria. This was a tricky task, as Joey has a very limited amount of energy. I usually just wake him up to eat lunch and dinner; he usually stays awake for a couple of hours for each and then goes back to bed. This meant that if things worked perfectly, we could visit with friends/fam for 4 meals total. Unfortunately, things did not go perfectly (when do they ever?) But, as Meatloaf says, 2 out of 4 ain’t bad. That is what he said, right? Apologies to our peeps who we didn’t get to see.

We’d also like to congratulate our friends Chrissy, Travis, and Eli on the arrival of Kalli, their new little baby. Apparently, baby-whisperer Joey’s presence at dinner on Monday night was enough to induce Chrissy’s labour so we could meet the little gal. Or at least that’s what Joey is claiming.

Happy Halloween everyone!

K & J


Joey was discharged from hospital today! He’s looking much better, but is still pretty tired. His liver enzymes have been coming down with the antibiotics, so he didn’t have another ERCP.

Cats’ reaction to Joey’s arrival home: his cat tried to climb up his leg spiderman style. My cat sat beside her food dish.

K & J


FYI loyal cfsucks readers: we are not holding out on you. We also don’t know anything. Still not sure if Joey needs an ERCP or not.

K & J

Another ERCP?

Things have been up and down the last few days. Basically, it will seem like Joey’s getting better and doing okay and then every second day he’ll spike a fever. Today his IV meds were adjusted, so hopefully that will help. The liver peeps are also recommending that he have an ERCP; I’ll keep you in the loop when we know what’s happening with that.

We haven’t been up to much since he’s been back in the clink. Went to Circle K last night for a pop and to the grocery store for Chinese food. Other than that, we’ve just been hanging out in his room and visiting with friends.  

Peace ya’ll.

K & J

The Results are in

The lab results are in: looks like the infection is liver related. Good news is that now he is on antibiotics that will target this particular type of infection. Last night was a rough one though: he had a high fever again, but he is looking much better today.

Not much else to report. Spending the rest of the day napping and laying low at the hospital.

K & J

Two Dudes and a Chick

Joey seemed to be feeling much better today. Still tired, but now it seems to be closer approximating his normal level of tiredness. We still don’t know exactly what type of bug he has, but his second chest X-Ray also came up clear, so that’s a good thing. Either way, he won’t be released until next week at the very earliest. Good thing we are getting cozier in here.

In donor news, there are currently 3 who are being assessed (two dudes and a chick). It’s nice to know that things are underway on that front again, that tests are being booked, and that things are moving forward. Thank you soooooo much to our potential donors who are working so hard at getting their livers ship shape! Buh-bye beer and fat…for now. I’m sure you are being missed.

Happy Friday ya’ll!

Kirstin and Joey

You Don’t Want It

It has been confirmed that Joey has some type of infection, but we are still waiting to find out what it is exactly (bugs take time to grow). Everything else is the same from yesterday, only today he didn’t have a fever, so hopefully that means that the antibiotics are doing their thang.

He is doing all right given the circumstances, but is very tired. I guess he’s in the right place to rest. He has his old room back, so we are probably feeling more at home than we should. That said, it was a difficult transition this time, for me at least. Hopefully once we root down and get cozy things will feel less disappointing. On the plus side, Debbie (upper) and Ed are bringing in some foodie to help nurse the boy back to health. Good thing too; when the food guy came by today he simply said “You don’t want it” and brought Joey the drinks. After further probing, it turns out his initial instinct was right and Joey elected to leave the tray out in the hallway.

It’s nice to be where people know you.

K & J