Pub Night 2010

Today we are thankful for quizmaster Elaine and everyone who helped support pub quiz night.  This includes our lovely hosts, those who made appies, the trophy, and everyone who came out or contributed. This is exactly what we mean when we say we have a kick ass support network. We are very, very lucky.

This year’s win was far less contentious than last year. The J’s and the S’s walked away with the trophy and prizes, although it seems to me that points should be deducted for the lack of creativity regarding the team name.

The #1s (AKA: the skinnies) gave it our all, but to no avail. On paper we might have been the dumbest people at the party, but we did our best to keep ABREAST of the situation by looking ACROSS the room to ensure that we were AHEAD of the other teams.

Have a little heartburn this morning, so I’m going to go pop some calcium carbonate

before I go mix myself a vodka and milk and go to bed for 2 minutes.

K & J

One thought on “Pub Night 2010

  1. s_kat October 18, 2010 / 11:47 am

    Well it was a success however I feel the Quiz master AKA me always gets the stick and Unfairly I might add. A) wasn’t the answer and Tums is not exclusively made from Calcium Carbonate so take that for the heartburn of being A LOSER!

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