Carry Me Carrie

Joey was admitted to hospital in PR last night. We are not sure what’s wrong just yet. All we know is that he has a new stomach pain that gets worse when he breathes, his belly is swollen, he had a fever earlier today, and there is crackling in his lower left lung. DO NOT PANIC. We got in there fast, his chest X-Ray was clear, and the lung transplant team is involved. They started a couple of different IV antibiotics and he is resting.

Like I said, at this point we do not know exactly what is wrong, but some tests have already been done and more are planned for today. Unfortunately, it looks like we will be unable to attend Tory’s birthday party. Cried all the way home in the car (and a little before that) at the whole crappy situation. Then I realized that the family can make it better and deliver a special present to the (old) birthday boy from Joey and I. Here is your mission: arm yourselves with a video camera, force Tory to play guitar, then the whole group of you need to sing “Carry Me Carrie” to him. And it can’t be half assed either. You need to put your heart and soul into it. This serenade will be our gift to Tory and then when we watch the tape back it will kind of be like we were there. At least we will be there in spirit. Don’t know the song? (Yeah right!) Learn it in your respective vehicles on the drive there. Problem solved.

Will keep everyone posted when we figure out what’s going on. We love you all. Thanks in advance for the singing telegram.


Kirstin and Joey

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