You Don’t Want It

It has been confirmed that Joey has some type of infection, but we are still waiting to find out what it is exactly (bugs take time to grow). Everything else is the same from yesterday, only today he didn’t have a fever, so hopefully that means that the antibiotics are doing their thang.

He is doing all right given the circumstances, but is very tired. I guess he’s in the right place to rest. He has his old room back, so we are probably feeling more at home than we should. That said, it was a difficult transition this time, for me at least. Hopefully once we root down and get cozy things will feel less disappointing. On the plus side, Debbie (upper) and Ed are bringing in some foodie to help nurse the boy back to health. Good thing too; when the food guy came by today he simply said “You don’t want it” and brought Joey the drinks. After further probing, it turns out his initial instinct was right and Joey elected to leave the tray out in the hallway.

It’s nice to be where people know you.

K & J