Two Dudes and a Chick

Joey seemed to be feeling much better today. Still tired, but now it seems to be closer approximating his normal level of tiredness. We still don’t know exactly what type of bug he has, but his second chest X-Ray also came up clear, so that’s a good thing. Either way, he won’t be released until next week at the very earliest. Good thing we are getting cozier in here.

In donor news, there are currently 3 who are being assessed (two dudes and a chick). It’s nice to know that things are underway on that front again, that tests are being booked, and that things are moving forward. Thank you soooooo much to our potential donors who are working so hard at getting their livers ship shape! Buh-bye beer and fat…for now. I’m sure you are being missed.

Happy Friday ya’ll!

Kirstin and Joey