Puppies, Ice Cream, and Structurally Unsound, But Perfectly Decorated Black Forrest Cakes

Another one of those things that it seems people are curious about is how we cope. Hmmm…good question. The short/boring answer is that somehow you just do and play with the hand you are dealt. Here’s a somewhat more involved answer. See if you can guess which one is Joey and which one is me. Note: there will be no prizes for correctness. Only the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with intellectual superiority.

  • Getting out and doing fun stuff when Joey can. Seizing the moment!
  • Forcing Joey to get out and do fun stuff when he can. Exploiting his good nature by exerting only the kind of pressure that a grumpy spouse can exert to rope their loved one into an activity in which they have absolutely no interest in partaking.
  • Staying in and visiting with friends. Let’s hear it for people coming to him!
  • Exercising. (That one’s a freebie).
  • Letting ourselves be sad when we are sad.
  • Letting ourselves be scared when we are scared.
  • Laughing when we are happy. Or when we’re sad. Or angry. Or at times when it’s really inappropriate. We use this one a lot.
  • Talking when we need to talk.
  • Burying our heads in the sand and trying to forget about things when we can.
  • Letting each other and the people close to us know that we love them and appreciate them.
  • Watching obscure TV shows.
  • Having an “angry nap” or a “sleepy nap”.
  • Journaling.
  • Reading.
  • Making jewelry (another freebie: this one is predominantly me, but you would be surprised at times. What can I say? The man makes a mean bracelet!)
  • Texting our good nights when he is in hospital.
  • Looking at pictures of Kimberly and Mike’s dog. (Does that make this a blog about puppies? LOL).

  • Reading funny mail.
  • Standing in awe of April’s cake decorating abilities. We can hardly wait for class to be in session again!

Who says she doesn’t take direction well?

  • Two words: sour keys.
  • Eating vast quantities of chocolate chip mint ice cream.

That’s right, I use food as a crutch.

  • Being amazed at the kindness of the people we are lucky enough to have in our lives.

K & J