Sock Hop

Example of what I mean when I say that we are amazed by the kindness of the people we are lucky enough to have in our lives: enter sock hop. Our friends, Victoria Redlon and Brandon Nesbitt have been working their butts off organizing a 50’s style dance that will take place this Saturday, in their home (good thing they have plenty of space!) Businesses and individuals throughout the community have come together and donated prizes and supplies to help make this event a success.

Joey and I think it is very freaking cool that people still care this much about what happens to us after all of the ups and downs over the years. Frankly, I am stumped for words to express our gratitude.

If you are interested in attending, or donating a prize to the event, please contact Victoria Redlon, or Brandon Nesbitt (the event organizers), or Joey and I at: . Victoria has created an event on facebook, so if you want to share this with other people who you think might want to attend, add Victoria Jeanne Redlon as a friend, find the event, and click share so your contacts can see. The party starts on Saturday, November 13th at 7:00. There will be lots of great prizes and a silent auction. Dressing up 50’s style is encouraged, but not necessary. I am, however, aiming to get as many hilarious photos as I can.

Because after all, what’s a theme party without some embarrassing photos that are posted on the internet afterwards?

K & J