A Time for Reflection

New Years is a time for reflection and contemplation. With that in mind, we think it would be beneficial to examine what we have learned over the last year. What the hell, we’ll just take the last week; it’s much more amusing. Here we go.

What we learned this holiday season:

  • If you have food stuck in your teeth and are short on floss, a switchblade will do quite nicely.
  • 28 toed farm cats give the best hugs.
  • Even the most beautiful mother in the world can toss up a middle finger with the best of them.
  • If you visit Auntie Marilynn, there is a 90% chance you’ll be coming home with a new hat.
  • Shelley’s trunk of rocks isn’t nearly as lame as it first appears. It’s still ridiculously heavy and a giant pain in the ass, but in the end it is pretty freaking cool.
  • When speed skating in bare feet on an outdoor ice rink, a slide counts as a win. It’s about speed and passion, not balance.
  • Kitchen clean up cannot be overemphasized. Ham should only be carved with a butter knife. Better yet, a spoon.
  • Kelvin needs to get his hearing tested.
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of the activity over the holidays, a 4 hour drive can cool you down nicely.
  • If you put a vegetarian in charge of the prime rib, she’d gonna fuck it up.
  • Thankfully, it can still fry up nicely in a pan (sacrilege!)
  • Some ultrasound technicians have hands the size of microwaves.
  • You can change the names in a story in an attempt to protect people’s identities, but in the end, we all know who the S.C. is.

All in all it was an interesting trip. Thank you, once again, Clearwater for providing us with hilarious stories for the next decade. Happy freaking New Year!

K & J

Transplant Clinic

Do you think that the transplant team intentionally chose this color scheme for their bathrooms to make people with advanced liver disease feel welcome in their facilities?

I have always found it to be an assault on the senses. Conversely, Joey has recently embraced their choice, as he feels that standing next to it he looks healthy.

In other news, Captain Banana and I finally made it to Clearwater after the usual slew of medical appointments in Vancouver. The appointments went okay, I guess. Sinus doc hurt, but there was less blood this time, lungs are basically looking good, liver sucks, but hopefully this will help to make his transplant more of a priority. That’s the abbreviated version of that portion of the trip.

The somewhat extended version is that we have had another friend (who is, at the very least, a blood type match) volunteer to be a potential live donor for Joey. This was quite surprising to all of us, as he essentially had his blood type checked so that we knew who our next go-to person would be should one of our other potential donors get ruled out (as you may or may not remember, we have been told that we were not allowed to screen a fourth potential donor/doing so would most likely slow things down). However, when we mentioned our friend during our appointment with the liver transplant surgeon, he wanted to pursue finding out whether he was a match and assured us that he would see to it that it didn’t slow things down. How’s that for holiday cheer?

As far as our friend (and all of our other peeps who have offered themselves up for sacrifice) goes, what else can we say besides thank you, thank you, thank you! You rock our world.

K & J

Tis the Season

Attention Christmas shoppers!

I am in the process of beefing up my etsy site: www.etsy.com/shop/cfsucks Calendars and jewelry make great gifts!

For those of you in PR, my jewelry is now available at Decibels Music on Marine and should also be available at Stich’s & Things by the end of the day. Calendars are also available at Decibels, the Chopping Block, and Myrtle Point Golf Club.

Tis the season for shameless self-promotion.

K & J

No News is No News (Still)

Well, the chest pain’s been gone for about a week now. Had a CT scan on Friday, but haven’t heard any results. Hopefully that’s good?

Things are ticking along rather uneventfully, hence my lack of updating the site as frequently as usual. No news is either good news, or no news. At least it isn’t bad news, but it does make for boring updates. Snore.

K & J

The Carlton

Although this would be much funnier with Joey’s head superimposed on his body, you get the idea. Just add a sweater vest!

Note: this is not how he looked after his sinus appointment. Picture more blood, less dancing.

K & J

The Medical Front

Oh hi. Long time, no write.

We’ve been away again, first to the sinus doc and then to Comox to get an ultrasound done so the liver docs have a current one on file. Plus side of the trip: we were able to squeeze in some visiting. Minus side: sinus appointment was extremely painful and resulted in blood gushing out of Joey’s nose like a facet onto his Carlton Banks-like sweater vest. Plus side: the blood came out. Minus side: CF sinuses are a pain in the butt that require ongoing maintenance. Groan.

J-Dub was also having chest pain while we were away. Nothing showed up on the X-Ray, so he now has a CT scan scheduled for next week. The pain seemed to be in the same spot where he was having crackles in his lungs in October and November. The good news is that the pain is much better now than it was last week. Hopefully that means that whatever was up is on the mend. Time will tell.

That’s about it on the medical front.

Kirstin and Joey