Back in the Clink

Joey is back in hospital. It isn’t the result of anything dramatic; over the past few weeks he’s just been feeling progressively worse. His stomach pain increased from his baseline, he’s been more tired (excessively so) since we got back from our trip, and the nerve pain in his feet has been worse the last couple of days (although it seemed a bit better today). Other than that, it’s tough to pinpoint exactly what the issue is; something just seems off. So with great reluctance we went to the hospital because we know something isn’t quite right and we can’t deal with it ourselves.

His bloodwork didn’t show anything too out of the ordinary; his liver numbers are bad, but they have been worse. His sodium was a bit low, so they are trying to get his electrolytes back in balance. He was also given a shot of vitamin B12, which could potentially alleviate some of the exhaustion and help with the nerve pain in his feet. We’re still waiting to see if that worked. Hopefully we’ll have a better idea by tomorrow.

Ug. We are sad and frustrated.

On a much more pleasant note, congratulations to our friends Tara and Aaron on the birth of their son! Miles Mayrhofer was born at 4:30 this afternoon. Note the consistent consonants in the first and last names. You’ve done Kirstin Kennedy proud!

K & J

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  1. Marilynn January 5, 2011 / 7:17 am

    So sorry to hear that you are in the hospital again.Love the pictures that you sent!Take it easy and get some good rest.

    Auntie Marilynn

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