Finally…Some Donor News

The word now is that they are going to keep Joey in Vancouver until at least Monday to monitor the infection and then reassess their plan at that point. He is very tired, but the docs don’t seem worried about it, so that’s good. Hopefully he’ll perk up a bit more soon.

Moving on: I know that everyone is wondering what is going on with the potential donors. We finally have some news! From what we understand, at this point, of the four volunteers that were put forward, the team is particularly interested in two of the men.

There are 5 stages of testing that each potential donor must complete. Of the two guys who the team believes would likely be the best matches for Joey, one has completed the first two phases of his testing and the other (Jackson) has completed the first three phases. Big relief that so far, it looks like things are good with these donors.

Jackson has the majority of the last two phases of his testing scheduled for the end of January/early February. Our other main man is set to begin phase three of his testing next week. Can you believe it? Things are actually moving along! I cannot even begin to describe how good it feels to have an injection of hope at this point.

Side note: throughout all of this Joey is still on the list for a cadaveric donor. That means that if a liver becomes available before our potential donors have completed their testing, the transplant would take place at that time. This means that we are living our life on call. This also means that I should learn how to be a better packer in case of emergency (forgot his cell phone charger in PR and am lamenting that fact. Good thing we have a connection down the block who cooks Joey lasagna, lends him her girlfriend’s charger, and is particularly adept at listening to me complain about nothing.) Oh how we’ve missed you Vancouver.

K & J

2 thoughts on “Finally…Some Donor News

  1. Renee Rose January 20, 2011 / 10:24 am

    Can hardly wait for the donor testing to be done. Will be such a relief to know that we have at least one match. Thank God things are finally starting to move forward again. Love you two, will talk to you later.

  2. kevin January 20, 2011 / 1:00 pm

    Protip: When you need a charger, go to any hotel and tell them you believe you left yours in your room “the last time you stayed there”. They’ll probably pull out a big cardboard box of goodies people have left behind. Root around in there, there’s probably one or several chargers…do a convincing “oh, HERE it is!” and, problem solved. 🙂 In the case they don’t have one or hassle you about your story, meh, just walk down the road to another hotel and rinse/repeat.

    It’s victimless, as these items are totally not going to be claimed by their real owner, so would eventually end up being tossed out.

    Same method works when you need an umbrella, etc. 😀

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