Pain has not been great for the last few days. It looks like they’re leaning towards doing another ERCP either tomorrow or on Tuesday. Poor Joey! He’s been a bit more alert today and yesterday, which is a relief for me (all that sleeping was freaking me out), but sucks for him because then he’s in pain, nauseous, itchy, etc. Hopefully things will improve a bit after the procedure.

Aside from sleeping/watching Joey sleep, we haven’t been up to too much. Had a big outing across the street to sevie to get some candy last night (first time Joey’s been out of whatever hospital room he’s been in since he’s been admitted). Was tiring and painful for him, but it’s important to exercise his lungs and keep those muscles working. Plus fresh air is good. If you can call the air by the Burrard Motor Inn fresh.

Hope ya’ll are having a good weekend.

K & J