Terrible Day

Today was a bad, bad day. I’m going to give the abbreviated version here because I need to get sleep. My body is all disoriented and I need to be on my game for tomorrow.

Momma R is here now and is staying with Joey tonight. The Critical Care outreach team is now involved and he is being monitored more closely. Momma R tells me that Joey is much easier to rouse now than he was earlier in the day. His pain meds have been discontinued for the time being to allow his liver time to catch up. Too much was building up in his system and making him difficult to rouse. Very happy that has changed tonight.

Earlier today the issue was raised that Joey might be too sick to transplant. The liver team are going to discuss him tomorrow. From what we heard today, he isn’t there yet, but he isn’t too far off from there either. His belly is full of fluid because of his liver dysfunction. Now there is fluid in his lungs and his breathing tests have dropped. The teams at St.Paul’s are doing their best to treat what they can and to get answers/put pressure on the liver team to make this transplant happen ASAP. He is very sick. I was told today that that Joey will not be getting out of hospital until after his liver is transplanted.

I was not doing well today. Thank god that I have people who are able to be there when I am falling apart. Like, to leave their job in the middle of a shift and come sit with me because I am having a meltdown. To have a mother in law who will hop the next flight from Calgary the instant I pick up the phone and ask. An Aunt who will literally help me get home when I am at the point where I can no longer speak, listen, or walk because of stress and exhaustion. To have multiple friends who will let me stay at their homes when I have nowhere else to go and bring us food and love and coffee and movies to distract ourselves from our shitty reality. We are lucky.

It’s Joey’s birthday on Tuesday. Anybody feel like sending him some cheer?

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One thought on “Terrible Day

  1. Connie January 27, 2011 / 9:49 am

    Hey Joey and Kirstin,
    I don’t know as I’d call it “luck” so much, as love. You guys are genuinely loved. By your family, your friends, prospective donors, and even members of the hospital staff from the sounds of it!
    I’m so grateful that you have that support, because who needs it more than you two? I
    can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.
    I check the CF Sucks blog at least once a day for updates on your status, Julie keeps me posted on Facebook, and Randy calls when he can – so I feel fairly well informed, I just would like to give you guys a hug. Have someone there give you one from me-OK?
    Gather a little strenghth from each one Kirstin, to help you through this trying time.
    We’re sending nothing but good thoughts and prayers complete with visions of Joey in excellent health in the near future.
    Keith and Connie

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