The Skinny

Today was marginally better. That said, things are pretty piss poor. We are nervously watching his breathing when he is asleep. When he is awake he is in massive amounts of pain, but the dosages of painkillers are being raised very slowly. Basically, his liver isn’t working properly, so it’s not processing things like it used to. This allows painkillers to build up in his system, which makes him sleep and his respirations decrease. They are trying to find a balance that works, but it will be slow progress.

We are all still very much on edge. It is extremely difficult to watch him in agony. Even more difficult to be in agony yourself.

That said, he had a few blips of positives today. He ate more than I’ve seen him eat in a long time (miniscule by anyone else’s standards, but I am happy about it). Most importantly, we got to see him smile a few times today too. Thank fucking god.