The Night Shift

For tonight, our plan is for Shelley “I be there” Labree to be with Joey for the first part of the night and for Momma R to stay with him for the second half. They are going to watch his respirations. I intend to go home, pop an ativan and hopefully get a good sleep so that I can take a shift tomorrow. At least that will make for a couple nights of people watching to make sure that he is okay.

Tonight the pain doc guaranteed Joey that he would be safe when he increased the dosage on his continuous infusion (the goal is to be stable on the continuous infusion and not need the breakthrough pain medication. This helps to avoid peaks and valleys. The aim is to not need the breakthroughs; the hope with this is to end up taking less pain medication overall). The pain doctor said he guaranteed Joey would be safe at this dosage. Joey stuck out his hand for a shake. In Joey’s assessment, the doc either means it, or is a really good poker player. Let’s hope for the former.

K & J

3 thoughts on “The Night Shift

  1. Renee Rose February 1, 2011 / 12:16 am

    i no i don t have to thank you shelly for looking after our man on shift one. i want to say my man but joey means so much to so many of us, i can `t even imagine how many.But the law does say that Joey is Kirstins man. You make him glow and that makes me glow every time i see you two together. Any how enough mumbo jumbo. Stop pulling everyones leg and get out of that bed it is you’re birthday tomorrow you should be in this hotel with me.(not me and you re mom!).

    Love you man!

  2. Renee Rose February 2, 2011 / 2:34 pm

    Richard!!!!! Quit posting as me! BRAT…Just can’t trust these kids…Guess I should be glad he didn’t put up “I love Richard more then Joey” lol

    Guess I better remember to log out this time.

    • kirstin February 5, 2011 / 12:00 am

      Are you sure you don’t love him more than Joey? I could have sworn I saw you packing him a lunch the other day…

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