Who Likes to Rock the Party…

ERCP is finished. Stent and sludge removed again. Hopefully he’ll feel better soon now that this thing is out:

Apparently, it was full of sludge. Ug.

Joey had the best birthday he could given the circumstances. We started going through the cards and a couple of presents nice and slowly at the beginning of the day. Then the GI doc came in and told him that he had to go for an ERCP to have the stent removed. This was followed by Joey quickly shrieking “Give me all of my presents now!”, or something to that effect. On the plus side, when he woke up it was like he was getting them all for the first time again.

His room is starting to look pretty kick ass, thanks to the help of some little fairies (I think their name is Tinkerbell). Even scored some gluten free cheesecake. Aw yeah! Here are some pics of the festivities:

Shelley is taking the first shift again tonight, followed by Momma R. Joey’s pain meds are being upped slowly because we are all concerned about his breathing. Hence the hawk-like watching at night. Auntie Mel should get here tomorrow to switch off with Shelley.

Jackson finished his donor testing today. How’s that for an awesome birthday present? Now we wait for the results. Who knows when we will hear anything. On Thursday, our friend Ryan (who is the other potential donor they are seriously looking at) starts his phase 4 testing. I guess that must mean that so far things are looking good with him. Fingers, toes, and legs are crossed that all goes well with both of them.

In the morning, Momma R, Shelley and I are going to meet with a few members of the liver transplant team to express our concerns and hopefully better our understanding of the whole process. Wish us luck!

K & J

3 thoughts on “Who Likes to Rock the Party…

  1. wenlin February 2, 2011 / 12:55 pm

    GOOD LUCK!!!!! Things are looking up.YEAH!
    Happy you have the support you need. I’d be a basket case.
    Hugs to all.

  2. Alexis February 2, 2011 / 11:20 pm

    Hey…it’s been an age, but I still think about you and Joey, and I try to keep up to date on your news. My thoughts are with you both. You two amaze me. And make sure that you are taken care of as well, because I suspect that you are Joey’s rock just as he is yours.

  3. jamie February 4, 2011 / 10:55 pm

    Happy Birthday Joey!! This is my first time of many more on here reading your story:) Every time I hear the song “Everybody Have Fun Tonight, Everybody Wang Chung Tonight” it reminds me of you, lol

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