Liver Transplant Meeting

The meeting with the liver transplant team went really well. Momma R and I feel a lot better about the whole situation. Here are the cliff notes:

  • Joey is a high priority right now. Hearing that put us at ease immediately. Although the list changes all of the time as people’s MELD scores (a compilation of certain blood work numbers) fluctuate, Joey has one of the highest right now. Although that’s bad health wise, it means that his transplant is a high priority.
  • We were assured that now that Joey is on the transplant list, he won’t be taken off because of his painkillers. If you remember back from September, this was a huge concern for us. The amount of painkillers he is on complicates things and is a risk factor, but he will not be penalized for it. Now that they have committed to helping him, they are going to do their best to make sure he comes through the transplant okay.
  • We were also really worried about his lungs. The fluid in his belly from his liver is making it difficult for him to expand them all the way. We were worried that because he is post-lung transplant, his lymphatic drainage wouldn’t be as good as a normal person (say if you or I needed a liver transplant). We were told that we needn’t worry about this and that although BC has never done a post lung liver transplant before, Ontario has and we don’t need to be as concerned about his lungs as we have been. That said, they need to expand to help keep them healthy and clear.

He had a good night, but a crap ass day pain wise. Dosages were changed again tonight; Shelley went home and switched it up with Auntie Mel. And another girl moves into RAD-G’s hotel room. If only he knew what he was getting into.

More cards and a couple of packages arrived today. Can’t wait to bring them up to the J-Dawg tomorrow. I’m all about dragging out the birthday festivities. Thanks for helping with that.

K & J