Where We’re At

Today hasn’t been the greatest. Joey doesn’t look good to me. He’s looked worse, but I think he looks tired. I don’t mean to create panic, but I am scared. There is a struggle to balance his pain meds with his breathing. He goes through boughts of extreme pain. Then he takes painkillers. Then the painkillers slow his breathing.

He has been having a tough time staying awake, is getting more confused, and it looks like it’s taking a lot of effort for him to participate in conversations. I was somewhat relieved when he was able to get up and take a walk around the hospital with Richard and I, but it takes so much effort for him. I want this transplant to happen now. He does not deserve this.

We are on edge. There is someone with him 24 hours a day to make sure that he is still breathing okay enough. Other than trying to balance the pain meds with his breathing, there is nothing that the docs can do. There are times when I feel at the end of my rope. Other times I am able to deal a bit better. Joey is frustrated and exhausted.

Come on transplant.

K & J