The Reasoning

Feeling much calmer today, although we are all still adjusting to the news. Joey knows the bad news now and is less than impressed that we didn’t tell him right away, but we wanted to know for sure. Hopefully he will get where we were coming from eventually. Understandably, he is very upset about the situation.

From what we understand, it is true that Joey is not eligible for a live donor liver transplant. However, the reason we are being given today is different than the one we were given yesterday. Today, we were told that the issue is not that he has become too sick, but that it is a surgical issue; a partial liver wouldn’t be enough for Joey. He needs a full one and the only way he will get that is through a deceased donor. That said, it is also our current understanding that the test results of our donors will be reviewed to see if, by some fluke, they end up being a match.

So that’s where we are right now. Still waiting for confirmation from this morning’s meeting, but we have a general sense of the reasoning behind things. I just wish everything had been communicated better. It sure adds a lot of stress when it isn’t.

One ray of light is that Joey seemed to be less confused this morning. I’ll take the good times when we can get them.

K & J