And Now For Some Positivity

“I don’t care if it’s on the fucking weekend, I told her. You book the fucking test and I’ll fucking be there.”

Now there’s loyalty. Thanks Jackson! Unfortunately, it looks like if the tests are going to be rebooked it will be done next week. The surgeon got called into surgery today and the radiologist won’t rebook the MRIs until he speaks to the surgeon, so I guess we’ll know what’s going on after the weekend.

Time for some positivity. Here is one example of how people are wonderful. For her science project this year, our buddy Bailey decided to educate people about CF. We saw her poster and it looked awesome! Not only did she bring her project to life with the “breathing through a straw” exercise, she also put a donation jar out for Joey and was able to raise $21! Me thinks I will be buying the boy some food that is actually edible (AKA non-hospital food). Thank you very much Bailey! You rock!

Oh yeah, and look at what else she did:

Whaddaya know? So do I!

Another example: some of our awesome friends held a secret superbowl party in our honor last weekend. We know it took a huge amount of effort and we are so, so, so appreciative. Wish we could have been there.

Another example: people traveling from way far away to do night shifts with Joey. Thanks for helping to make sure that he’s still kickin’. It would not be possible to do this on our own.

Another example: A dinner and dance is being organized in Powell River on March 5the at the Carlson Community Club (AKA the old Moose Hall). Dinner is being donated by Quality Foods and entertainment is being provided by Jim Baron and the Powell River Showgirlz. There are so many volunteers pulling together to make this happen. Thank you so much to the Carlson Club for hosting and of course, “the Debbies” and everyone else who will have a hand in making this event a success. Tickets are $25 and are available at the Chopping Block, River City Coffee, Capone’s Cellar, and Coastal Interiors.

Joey also wanted me to thank everyone for making his birthday so special with the cards and well wishes. His room still looks amazing. The staff coming in often look quite bewildered and frequently comment that it is one of the best decorated rooms that they have ever seen (comparable only to his summer decorations compliments of Mountain Park, I’m sure!)

In other Joey news, the belly drain went back in today. Although I’m sure he will quickly grow leery of it again, draining some of the fluid will help him to get more comfortable, so he bit the bullet and had it re-inserted. Right now he is sleeping somewhat comfortably all nuzzled up in his new blankies catching some much needed zzzs. I, on the other hand, plan to stare at the wall until my crib buddy gets here. We sure know how to rock a Friday night.

K & J

One thought on “And Now For Some Positivity

  1. wenlin February 11, 2011 / 9:13 pm

    God Kirstin, had to read this several times to digest it all.I feel your stress, confusion, sickness,sadness, desperation, and much more. As you know,sadly we endured all of these emotions, with Chad’s battle. I know this doesn’t make it any easier for you all. I have no more words of wisdom.All I can say is: we hope it gives you and Joey some comfort to know , that we so truly care. Wished we had a magic wand to make all the fnn… bad stuff go away!Life is a journey , but for the truly courageous, it’s a battle. We share your tears.,but, we also dream , pray, meditate,wish,think , that all will end in a rejoiced reunion soon!!!!!
    HANG IN THERE>>>>>> there’s a lot of caring people on your side.
    Much love, Wendy,Stu,and family

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