Beats 1 or 2

Went to see the boy; he looks good to me. The docs and nurses are more cautiously optimistic than I am. I’m trying to keep calm, but it is extremely difficult. Right now I am ecstatic. Of course, that could all change at the drop of a hat, but I can’t help but ride the high when it’s there. Them: “He’s only initiating 5 breaths a minute”. Me: “5 breaths a minute? That’s awesome! Beats 1 or 2!” You get the idea.

He is still intubated (tube is down his throat). They want to wait until he is more awake before they even talk about removing it. And by more awake I mean awake at all. We were watching him today and could see his mouth moving when he went to initiate breaths. From what I saw, he initiated quite a few.

Given the shape that the liver he received was in when they transplanted it, the docs are satisfied with his progress today. Tomorrow could be a totally different picture, but right now they are feeling okay about where things are.

I am going to go get beefy and then hopefully have a nap before I head back up to the new HQ.


3 thoughts on “Beats 1 or 2

  1. Brandy February 14, 2011 / 2:42 pm

    Wonderful, wonderful news!

    Their job is to be cautiously realistic – yours is to be ecstatically & elatedly hopeful – keep up the amazing work!

    Joey will be back to his new self in no time!


  2. wmjohnst February 14, 2011 / 3:36 pm

    Hi Kirsten, family and friends:

    Am thinking of you all the time and reading the posts every day. Am sending positive thoughts and love…. Wendy Johnston

  3. Kimberly Burge February 14, 2011 / 3:48 pm

    We’re gonna have to rename the band.

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