We had a bit of a dip on the transplant rollercoaster today. Although the liver team is content with how his liver is functioning at this point, his white blood cell count is up. This means that he has some kind of infection somewhere in his body. The ICU team did a bunch of tests today to see if they can track down the source of the infection. In the meantime, they have put him on some heavy-duty antibiotics. When we met with the ICU doc today, he said that there is a little bit of improvement in Joey’s liver function, but not enough to say definitively whether or not the transplant will actually work.

Now for some more depressing, but not surprising news. His kidneys aren’t working right now. We kind of expected this; they went into shock after his lung transplant as well and he had to do dialysis for 3 ½ months, but they bounced back. At this point, they have not started dialysis, but are following his kidney function tests closely. Sigh.

He still has the breathing tube down his throat. Apparently, it will stay there until he is well alert (he is still in and out) and until his liver is functioning better. Today, they are tapering down his painkillers again to see if they can get him to be more alert than he has been.

That said, when I came in today, I got a head turn, some eye contact, and a wink with more oomph behind it. I know he is in there. But I’m still sad because I miss him.

Hopefully tomorrow the rollercoaster will be on its way back up.


2 thoughts on “Rollercoaster

  1. Kori Lynch February 16, 2011 / 8:26 am

    Hang in there Joe.The Lynch family is thinking about you.We Miss you guys.

  2. Brandy February 16, 2011 / 12:52 pm

    You both know better than anyone that transplant is a roller coaster – hang on tight, the bumpy ride will be over soon enough and you’ll hop off, plant all four feet on firm & stable ground and look up to see all kinds of exciting times ahead!

    We’re thinking of you and can only imagine how challenging each up and down is – we’re rooting for more head turns and oomphy winks! Joey will be back with you soon!

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