Today there has been a setback. Joey’s liver numbers are slightly elevated (this is not great, but not cause for freak out either). The main issue is that his white cell count has spiked overnight. This means that there is likely some kind of infection happening. He is having an ultrasound right now to see if they can detect what the problem is so they can figure out how to deal with it. In the meantime, they have added some new antibiotics to the mix to try and fight off whatever is going on. And we take another dip on the coaster.

Overall today, he looks much weaker than he did yesterday. Talking is hard, but he is still mentally with it; you just have to listen and watch closely to understand what he is trying to say. His pain is not well controlled, so he hasn’t been sleeping. It is a tough tightrope the teams are trying to walk; if he gets too drowsy and his airway isn’t protected they will have to re-intubate him. Painkillers make you drowsy and slow your breathing, so they are treading gingerly because we all don’t want the breathing tube to have to go back in.

More when we know anything.


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  1. Kim February 18, 2011 / 7:12 pm

    Sending lots of positive energy ……hugs

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