California Trip

And now, the long(ish) awaited report on the California trip.

Our journey started off well, there was much enthusiasm as we set off:

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was short-lived, as I became violently ill approximately 2 hours into the trip. This resulted in me bailing on my travel buddies, passing out in a hotel in Vancouver overnight, and booking a last minute flight to San Fran. After a good night’s sleep, my enthusiasm returned:

I had a great time with Isabella:

And on girl’s day:

But not in the shower:

At first glance, it would appear that I should thank my lucky stars for the opportunity to use fancy conditioner. However, upon closer inspection:

Who the hell makes conditioner out of gluten? (AKA: wheat protein).

I mailed the damn postcards (not available at Target. Don’t expect one unless we argued about it in advance):

It was fun, but my mini-vacation quickly came to an end and it was time to make the long trek home. The weary travelers reunited in San Fran:

Only to discover that Rebecca had apparently sprouted plumage at Coachella. Lessons learned on the drive home:

twenty seven and a half hours is a long effing time to spend in a jeep,

Black Bear’s diner can drum up some tasty home-cooked grub,

a butt load of $1 bills can make you look like a high-roller,

bubble gum can give you hours of entertainment when the sun feels like it’s never going to set,

apparently, the states aren’t as conservative as we Canadians think,

and finally, bringing your gummy worms to a music festival in the desert is not a good idea:

(what they looked like originally):

Summary: good trip, good people, good riddance to being in the jeep.