Joey Stories

I am not doing well. I’m quite adept at acting like I’m doing well, but I am struggling. Badly.

Thank you Christa and To & Lo for sending me “Joey stories”. You have no idea how much they meant. They are more precious than gold. I savored them. I waited a while before I opened the envelopes. When I finally did, I dove into the stories hungrily, at first. Then, when I made it part way through the “lake log” entries, I stopped. I flipped ahead to make sure that there were more entries written by Joey and I saved reading them for a week. I didn’t read them until I was having a really crappy time, then I looked at what he had to say. It made me feel better. Reading stuff he has written – notes, log book entries, letters, whatever – make me feel like I’m having a conversation with him. They bring him back to me for a while and make me feel less alone. I miss him so fucking much.

I took the notes that I was sent and put them in the “Joey stories” book that was at his service. In my dream world, this book would be filled with funny Joey stories, comments, and notes; things that will make me feel better when I am feeling really down. If you feel like helping, you can send stuff to me at the following address:

C-1 R.R. #1 Whalen Road

Powell River, BC

V8A 4Z2

Thanks for all of the love over the years.