Good Day to You

Pretty much sums up how both my birthday (July 17th) and the 5 month anniversary (yesterday) of Joey’s death went. I like to set the bar low for myself.

In other, more positive news, I attended another kick ass wedding for two other kick ass people. Tracy and Alex got married on the 16th. Didn’t they look fab? Or, more importantly, ecstatic:

A good time was had by all. Unfortunately, I did not learn my lesson from the last wedding I attended re: the dead husband jokes, however, this time there were more people there who understand that sarcasm and maniacal laugher are my screwed up way of coping. That said, I did still manage to alienate myself from a few people. Pretty soon it’ll be a fine tuned skill. I think I redeemed myself on the dance floor…or just made it worse. Either way, J-Dub would’ve been proud.

I also finally got to meet this little darling yesterday:

Koren and Haven are here visiting from Calgary, so we hobbled over to the Shinglemill to have a post-birthday lunch. Mmm good!