I have run into roadblock #1 with my trip. My understanding is that due to licensing agreements, Cystic Fibrosis Canada is not allowed to donate the DVDs to me for distribution to libraries. I could use the donated movies for distribution to individuals, but for institutional use, the cost of the DVDs is much steeper. Damn.

This leaves me at a bit of a crossroads. Anybody have any ideas/desire to raise money to buy some DVDs? Any businesses want to sponsor this event? Anyone out there want to do their own little fundraisers (bake sales, car washes, or something on a larger scale) to help buy the movies? Unfortunately, I am not in the headspace to go full tilt into the large scale fundraising for DVDs element of this project, so at this point, any help would be appreciated.

Alternatively, I had the idea to distribute the donated copies of the movies to random individuals across the country and ask them watch it, then pass it on to a friend…65 times each. Hopefully this would still raise awareness, albeit on a much smaller scale. Double damn, but at least it that, in conjunction with some media attention that is in the works, would spread the word a bit.

The plan is still to leave PR on the 20th, do Vancouver Island, then speak at the opening ceremonies for the longest game ever played on the 26th. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this event, here’s the link to check it out: Exciting stuff. You go girls! They’re still looking for players too if any of you gals out there are interested. I’d go, but I can’t skate and am pretty sure I’d wind up breaking my arm in the first 3 minutes.

Wish me luck on this DVD thing. Email me at if you have any thoughts or ideas. Right now, the suggestion window is open!


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  1. Brandy July 30, 2011 / 6:42 am

    First, this trip is an awesome idea – what an amazing opportunity on oh so many levels!!

    Second, you are welcome here in Walkerton anytime. We have family connections to the Kin Club and I am sure they would love to do anything to help with a fundraiser upon your arrival in town – split the $ towards your trip expenses and the DVD costs and get some publicity and organ donation awareness too.

    Third, I do love the idea of passing these DVD’s on to 65 individuals and then having them passed on to 64 more people – I think that fits realy well with the social media/Facebook bit and I bet some smart website person could help come up with a site that would help track each DVD and allow comments and discussions etc. Plus I think it ensures that at least 4225 (65×65 if my computer’s math is right?) people actually watch the film, as oppossed to library donations which do not guarantee views. Plus there could be a whole bit to encourage people to view the film in groups in their homes (lord knows most people have ridiculously nice home theatre systems now) and have even more people watch than just 4225. Maybe the website could have a viewer tracker and people could register just how many people have seen the film? People could take donations at the door for the movie nights and again split it between your trip and CFC, say.

    And then, when each 65th person has watched the DVD, could they donate it to their local library system (or send it to a predetermined library system to ensure equal distribution across the country?) Would that be a violation to donate a personal copy of a DVD?

    Of course I am brimming with ideas and they are more than I can bring to fruition at this moment (we still aren’t living in our house yet . . . oh and there is this baby that will show up in the next 8 weeks) however I would like to offer to help in any way I can so if there is a list of us who are interested in helping – maybe we could all be on one email list and brainstorm, trouble shoot and do things as needed?

    I love your idea, enthusiasm and ambition and those numbers adding up to 65? Stars align! Crazy s%#t!


  2. mycatisnottoofat July 30, 2011 / 1:15 pm

    Have you considered donating the DVDs to high school libraries? From experience, I know that I can buy a DVD from a regular store, have it put into the school library collection, show it to my students, and then twice a year I have to give the list of movies shown to the librarian. She then reports it to someone, somewhere.

    I think this would be just as effective as putting it into community libraries because ‘the children are our future’ and it would fit in very well with every provinces health/PE/personal growth curriculum.

    Also, around the time you’re leaving is when the traditional school year begins (some are earlier). You will find that as long as you go during regular hours, most schools will be open, even if classes haven’t started yet.

    You could even consider middle schools (MINE!!) because these kids are really passionate about causes and they’re capable of sooooo much.

    Since Joey loved children I think this makes a great alternate to your original plan. You could bundle the DVDs with some CF literature or posters or something, write a letter, and then drop the package off at the schools. If you’re really feeling up to it, you could also speak at a school occasionally (maybe make a slideshow or something). We have lots of these types of speakers come through our school. We fund raise in advance and then give the money to the speaker after their presentation.

    It’s something to think about…I know it’s unnerving to speak in front of large groups!!!

    I’m SO excited about this trip! It’s going to be fab!!!! Lots of love, Koren and Haven

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