Love – that’s so gay

I think I’m hooked on twitter as a form of communication. This concerns me to some degree. Those of you who know me are likely aware that I am no longer what one could call a “phone person”, by which I mean that if my phone ever actually rings, I am shocked. Nor am I now an email person. My responses have dwindled to a few sentences; transitions and segways are nearly non-existent. Texting had become the norm, but with twitter, I now have the added restriction of getting my point across in 140 characters or less, which for some reason absolutely thrills me. It’s starting to seem plausible that the next step could involve dropping speaking all together and communicating using only gestures and facial expressions. Good thing I already know sign language.

I took a wee bit ‘o time out from trip planning this weekend to attend a wedding celebration for these two lovely ladies:

Leslie and Elaine are a couple of our Vancouver peeps, who make my world (and made Joey’s world) a better place. Who else would have a donation wallet for CF out at their own wedding? We didn’t even think of that!

They had a few well-deserved days of celebration and everyone had a great time singing karaoke, feasting, laughing around the fire pit, and reading each other’s buttons:

Other gems included:

Straight supporter of gay marriage

not just gay happy

out is in

and my personal favorite: Love- that’s so gay

Happy Wednesday people! Love, love, love.