Morning ya’ll!

Made it to Royston safe and sound. Can’t wait to see who gets DVD #2! I love surprises. (Actually, I usually hate them, but for some reason I’m feeling oddly chipper this morning).

Just wanted to float out a reminder that the longest game for CF is coming up quick:


Guess I better work on my speech…


One thought on “longestgame4cf

  1. Auntie Julie August 21, 2011 / 6:38 pm

    So sorry I missed you, I guess you phoned Sat. nite, I was at work 😦 Carmen said she heard you on the radio Fri. morn, I missed that too. Seriously though Kirstin, get your agent talking to Carstar they might want to sponsor part of your trip for some publicity, they already raised a lot of money for the cause. Love ya lots chicky, take lots of pictures. I want to see you kiss the cod in Newfoundland:)

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