How’s this for a weird story: we go to Barkerville for the day and have a look around:

Call me overly skeptical, but I call bullshit:

That includes both the “painless” tooth extraction and the low, low dental fees.

I realize that I apparently have a phobia of people in costumes:

I don’t know why, but this did not go over well and I strive to keep my distance. Shudder. When I was thinking Barkerville, I was picturing panning for gold in an unpopulated river in the middle of nowhere, but this was the closest I could find:

Votes on whether or not that’s real gold or pyrite amidst the glue on that keychain? I also found that walking stick to go with my non-existent backpack that Richard was talking about:

I was too cheap to buy it, but it made for an entertaining photo. I also took a pic of another RAD-G safety suggestion, just for shits and giggles:

Me thinks I’ll be leaving the gun behind with the walking stick and backpack and sticking with the Tomtom that Central GM in 100 Mile are providing me with tomorrow. Sorry Richard!

Now for the weird part. On our way out, I flag down this guy, who, although he is in costume is giving off an “I’m approachable” vibe. I don’t know why this is. Besides the costume, his eyes are downcast and he is heading into the village, likely to continue working. Regardless, I flag him down and say “Want a free movie?” As I pull the DVD out of the bag, his face lights up. “I know her!” he exclaims. Turns out that James of yea ol’ Barkerville was friends with Eva and was thrilled to get a copy of the DVD. So we chatted for a couple of minutes, posed for a photo, and he went back to work, happy to have a full length version of 65_RedRoses. Why, when I pick random people off the street, have two out of three of them had a connection to CF? Do I have spidey senses, is it coincidence, or it something else at play here? Whatever it was, I’ve been having some pretty cool conversations with the DVD recipients.

Off do the morning shows in Williams Lake (CFFM the Rush) and 100 Mile House (The Wolf) tomorrow, then over to Central GM in 100 Mile to pick up my wheels for the trip.