Thank You Safeway!

Loaded up the kiddies and took a little drive into Penticton today. Safeway is an amazing company. When we got there, I was given not only a beautiful bouquet, but was presented with an ample amount of gift certificates from multiple stores. I was floored. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the stores who pulled together to make this happen. One of the women I met there told me that her dad needed a lung transplant. He unfortunately passed away. It was good to meet her; it gave me more fuel for the fire.


Afterwards, Kria, Teja and I went into Kelowna to watch the smurfs in 3D. It was a much-needed mood-lifter. I suspect that I might have been a little too enthused to see the movie, judging by my wardrobe choice for the day:


Good afternoon professors!

Even more disturbing: midway through the film I came to the realization that how I dress on an everyday basis at home is not too far off from how Gargamel clothes himself. Fun movie, but not good for the old self-esteem. Glad I didn’t pack my red tights.