The Mean Streets of Peachland

Went to check out Kria and Ronnie G.’s restaurant in Peachland tonight. So yummy. Apparently Peachland is the realm of celiac-friendly food. I gotta say, I’m quite fond of it. After a small hiatus, it was time for another DVD giveaway:

Teja and I accosted Adam, the most recent 65_RedRoses DVD recipient, on the street outside of Gasthaus. We are very appreciative that he was open to getting a free movie and posing for a photo. I decided to have the little man work it in a picture for a change. Besides being cuter than me, I am aware that by the end of this trip, you folks are going to be mighty tired of looking at my ugly mug on this site. Thanks for humoring us Adam! Hope you enjoyed your food as much as we enjoyed ours and apologies for not letting you read the menu on the side of the road in peace. Hope you like the movie.

Looks like it’s on to Alberta tomorrow. With a stop or two along the way, of course!