Amber Alert

I am in Sparwood, BC tonight and the community is not doing well. 3 year old Kienan Herbert is missing:

Police have issued an Amber Alert and believe him to be with this man:

Who is believed to be driving a brown 1987 toyota camary:

License plate 098 RAL. If you see anything, call 911. Just thought I’d throw that out there. I hope Kienan makes it home safe.

On my way to Sparwood, I stopped in at the slide in Frank, Alberta and gave a DVD to Shannon Cooney:

Couldn’t help but giggle that she’s from Ontario, even though I met her in Frank. Shannon was traveling west across Canada with a couple of her friends. Hopefully my drive through the prairies ends up being as nice as theirs was.

Eventually, I made it to Sparwood:

After being warned about the dangerous robo-animals that patrol the highways in these parts:

Tonight I visited with Miranda, Pat, Ayden, and Loki:

Loki is a very special cat. When Joey and I lived in Victoria before his lung transplant, Loki would do a sympathy meow whenever Joey coughed. Try as he might, he couldn’t get Miranda to give us her cat. Understandable, but disappointing nonetheless.

Ayden did a great job of showing me around Sparwood:

What an awesome tour guide! I also met Jen Woodall while I was in town and gave her a copy of 65_RedRoses:

All in all it was a good visit, although I am very concerned for the Herbert family. Hopefully Kienan is found safe and sound quickly.